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Manzac Ferme is in the centre of the Perigord Limousin National Park, approximately eight and a half hours driving from the Calais Ferry terminal.

If using GPS, first enter the postal code: 24300. For street you can enter Manzac - this may come up as Lieu-Dit Manzac. This is fine. Our full address is Manzac Ferme, Manzac, 24300 Augignac, France. Your GPS unit may try and take you near Paris - we would recommend avoiding this option if possible.

Our full GPS co-ordinates are: 45.56199, 0.71948 (decimal) or 45deg 33'43.07"N  0deg 43'10.05"E. If you use Google Earth,
this KMZ file will allow you to load up the Manzac location.

Both and google maps will offer suggested routes.

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French speeds limits are, unless otherwise signposted: 50km/h in villages, 90km/h on national roads, and 110 or 130 km/h on motorways.

Be aware that village speed limits are not usually advertised - the 50km/h limit applies from the moment you pass the village signpost until you leave the village.

You can create your own driving directions using the Google Map provided on the right hand side of this page. However be aware that this will most likely attempt to bring you around Paris, which is not always the best route.

We instead suggest the below directions from the channel tunnel. You can also download these directions in word format at the bottom of this page, as well as directions from Limoges.


A word of warning if arriving at Calais ensure you do not end up on the Paris motorway – below paragraph is just for guidance. Other ports are straight forward just head for the A16 south.

On arrival at Calais leave the port heading for the A16/E402. Once on the dual carriage way keep in the right hand lane. This is a filter lane for the A16, Signed for Calais Centre/St Omer par RN/Tunnel sous Manche. (It is important to keep right as you could end up on the A26/E15 which heads for Paris!!) Follow this filter lane and you will merge onto the motorway A16/E402 heading south.

Continue on the A16 until leaving the peage (Toll) just north of Abbeville and fork right at Junction 23 for the A28 signed Abbeville Centre/Le Treport/Rouen/Le Havre.

Rouen does not have a bypass but it is not too taxing a place to get through, watch out for the radar at the entrance to the long steep down hill tunnel. Simply follow the A13 signs and leave heading south on the E46/E402 signed for Paris

Go west onto the A13 signed CAEN (note do not now follow the Paris signs)

After only a few miles on the A13 at it's junction with the A28 join the A28 and follow to the south signed BORDEAUX as well as ALENCON and LE MANS.   There is hardly any traffic on this very long road.

There are a few limited narrow bridges on the A28, all of which have restrictive speed limits with radar -watch your speed.

Just to the north of LE MANS at a peage the A28 merges with the A11

Turn East onto the A11 and then at the very first junction, leave the A11 and re join the A28, this time signed for BORDEAUX as well as TOURS.

To the north of TOURS at the peage the A28 joins the A10

Turn right onto the A10 and follow past Chatellerault signed to BORDEAUX and POITIERS.

To the south of POITIERS leave at junction 30, after the peage.
At the 1st roundabout turn right, join the N10 south which is signed for ANGOULEME and BORDEAUX

Turn off the N10 to Angouleme onto the D1000 (Angouleme ring road) signed ANGOULEME SUD/PERIGUEUX/ST MICHEL/PUYMOYEN/HOSPITAL GIRAC

Once on the D1000 follow signs for Perigueux. There are several roundabouts at each one keep the D1000 (Rocade est) At the 7th roundabout take the D939 signed for Perigueux (- green with white lettering) and Marthon (in black on a white background.) It is approximately 5miles/8km to the D939 after leaving the N10.

Follow the D939 for just over 2 miles. At the roundabout take the D4 signed for BOUEX/CHAZELLES/MARTHON. As you turn onto the D4 the bottom sign indicates NONTRON 40km. Follow the D4 passing through MARTHON where it becomes the D75.

The D75 eventually arrives at the D675. Turn left. Follow the main road straight on through a set of traffic light. The road turns sharply left and then right up a hill, and under a former railway bridge. Continue on up the hill ignoring all turns into the town centre. The town remains on your right. Keep following the road - do not be tempted to go into the town with a caravan (some satnav’s will try to convince you this is the right way!). Continue on the D675, passing various shops/supermarkets, leaving Nontron.

Continue on the D675 until you arrive in Augignac after passing a picnic area on the right.

Drive slowly as you enter the village and you will come to a crossroads with an iron gated house to your front right. Turn right, there is a signpost for Manzac Camping underneath the signs for Abjat s/Bandiat and Savignac de N.

Immediately after turning onto this road (around 100m), turn right again, following various signs including “Manzac”. At one point the road appears to go straight on, but the main road is sharp right (again there is a Manzac sign here).

Keep following the road from Augignac for aprox 4km, through a small village and over another crossroads until you arrive at an avenue of conifers and straight in front of you there is a property (Manzac Chateau) with a pointed roof. We are on the right just before it. The entrance is marked clearly.

Download a Word version of the above
Download directions from Limoges

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